About Pewter


  • Relatively easy to cut and drill
  • can show scratches
  • may be polished to a mirror finish
  • will dull in time if not protected or buffed
  • heavy, with patina appearance
  • may be too heavy if used for large earrings but perfect weight for keyrings and small pendants
  • ideal for setting crystals and stones
  • pewter has a very high tin content which is hardened by the additions of other elemants
  • can be polished to a very bright silver like finish or darkened to create an old vintage look

    Pewter is very much like other metals in the sense that it often depends upon your skin type, as to how it wears. Some find it gets a lovely sheen the more they wear it and others not so. You can use products like Protectaclear or Ren Wax, the same way that you would treat any other jewellery to protect it and avoid perfumes, hairspray or body lotions coming into contact with it. However, contact with water and mild soap will clean it up if it starts to dull. Any kind of mild abrasive will work such as toothpaste. The finer the abrasive, the shinier it will be. Brasso or a jeweller's cloth or any soft cloth will buff it up. Stamping Street will provide a Silver Polish Cloth where appropriate or you can ask for one to be included in your order.