Design Stamps

Design stamps allow us to stamp pictures into metal

We have an ever growing collection of design stamps which we will list below. There are too many to display in image format, however if you would like to see an example of a specific design stamp being used, please get in touch. 

Butterfly, Butterfly wings left and right, Mason jar, Bee, Anchor, Daisy, Dandelion and fluff, Poppy, Lighthouse, Gecko, Musical note, Angel, Rocket, Rugby ball, Awareness ribbon, Peace sign, Smiley face, Snowflake, Bra, Fox, Boot prints left and right, Four leaf clover, Caduceus medical alert symbol, Oak tree, Monkey, Owl, Butterfly in flight, Book, Fairy, Snail, Football, Infinity symbol, Mountains, Three flowers on stems, Triple stars, Crescent moon, Crown, AND sign, Triangle, Penguin, Car, Baby Feet, Robot, Arrow, House, Mother and child, Angel wings left and right, Angel baby, Vine leaf, Handprints left and right, Religious cross, leaf, Christmas tree, Feet left and right, Pea Pod, Apple, Lion, Pedal bike, Golf club/ball/tee, Rose, Dinosaur, Wine Glass, Cat, Dog, Chick, Little boy with cap on, Little girl with pony tail, baby, Mummy with straight hair, Mummy with curly hair, Daddy, Grandad, Grandma, Paw print, Hashtag, Large star, Tiny star, Solid star, Tiny heart, Kids drawn heart, Large heart, Solid heart, Dumbbell